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Commit to bettering yourself

If you can't commit to yourself, how is it possible to Authentically commit to anything else? How many excuses have you made and dismissed or procrastinated your own priorities? You may not even realize the habit and acceptance of excuses. Are you living in comfort zones & settling for just being "ok"?To commit to bettering yourself is simple but not always easy. More than likely, you've been programmed to think a certain way over the years. Programmed to simply being "ok"  instead of "better", doing the same "ok" things in life and wondering why you can't get ahead or find true happiness. Better requires self-discipline/ self-development
Better requires pushing past your comfort zone.
Better requires loyalty.
Better requires leveling up.
Better requires setting goals in life.
Better requires the understanding and conscious effort of living in the moment, not the past nor the future.
You should want and aim to be better than yes…
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You don't have to be a victim. Choose to be the VICTOR.

I have always been a go with the flow person, meaning I didn't put much thought into things, I just did what I felt like. Now, I'm not saying I'm irrational or careless, just more of a free spirit. If I had a nudge to try something new, I wasn't afraid to give it a shot. 
Soooo, don't hold your breath but, I modeled for years, was in 2 singing groups, broke off into a solo artist, (and I'm no Beyonce, but I can hold a tune and grab the audience 😜), decided college wasn't my thing, instead I pursued a career as a hairstylist, was a stay at home mom, inherited public speaking after the loss of my sister, was a fitness trainer and now living in my purpose as a Life/ Motivational/ Mentor and all those positive names to help women become the best version of themselves and live in their full potential. WHEEEEW!
I honestly don't care for the titles because I've always loved, loving on people. The difference now is it's with intent, so I nourish and p…

From grief to growth and finding my purpose.

My life, forever changed.
This whole life changing and purpose driven experience all started the day I lost my beautiful and vivacious sister, Latrece Bell.  I would have never thought in a million years that something like this would happen in my life. You know that feeling of "this is the type of stuff that happens around me, not to me". I felt like I was in a twilight zone; a crazy dream.
I remember the day it happened , so vividly. It was so unreal. April 20, 2011, my whole world came crashing down when I got the call that my sister had committed suicide. I was at work, styling hair and I remember grabbing my keys and thinking to myself, "If I leave now, I can save her". I wanted to believe that it wasn't to late and I just had to get to her. Sadly, that wasn't the case. 
My sister was everything classy, sophisticated and so intelligent, she also suffered with a mental illness, Bipolar Disorder. She was at the peak of building her brand, as a well know…